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if ya find a dead link make sure to contact me

lets start with... .Hack!

::What kind of Samurai you are?::
brought to you by Quizilla">

Find out what kind of Samurai you are ^_^


Are you REALLY a pyro?

How punk are you?

What Anime are you?

Which greek god are you?

What mythical creature are you?

How well do you know Hiei?

What Anime show do you fit in?

If you were sucked into an Anime, fantasy world, what would you be?

What Spongebob character are you?

What spongebob squarepants character are you?

Whats your label?

What LOTR character are you?


What are you, werewolf, vampire or smurf?

Which KingdomHearts character are you?

What character from KingdomHearts are you?

What Anime lead are you?

Want a label? here. have one.

which .hack//SIGN character are you?

What Anime mech are you?

What Anime stereotype are you?

Which Kingdom Hearts character are you?

What forest creature are you?

What G-Wing character are you?

What type of Anime boyfirend is right for you?

The Rei-Kai Tantei Personality Quiz

Which KH character fits you?